Top 20 Wedding Welcome Drinks For Every Season
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Top 20 Wedding Welcome Drinks For Every Season!

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Weddings are all about expensive jewelry, glitzy attire, and fine dining. Any event gets off to a fantastic start with a warm greeting and delicious refreshments. The best way to greet your guests at the wedding reception is to provide them with delightful wedding welcome drinks. So, choosing the perfect drink for the guests of the party can be quite confusing and hectic.

Hence here bookeventz listed some appealing wedding welcome drinks for your guest to make them feel refreshed while attending any of your functions in any season.

Wedding Drinks

Wedding Welcome Drinks Ideas Based On Different Season

The way you decide your wedding outfit according to the different season then why not the refreshment drinks, which you serve in your wedding! There is a number of beverages which you can choose from, according to the season and taste of the guests to make them feel energized for your every wedding function.

Welcome Drinks For Wedding In Summer:

A summer wedding can be really very exhausting. So the chilled summer drinks are the primary feature of these season weddings to add excitement to your wedding.

1. Brunch Punch

Brunch punch is one of those ultra-refreshing drinks. This brunch punch is a clear winner for those who enjoy a non-alcoholic brunch refreshment. All you have to do now is chill and enjoy. To make it more appealing, a simple fruit garnish can be added.

Brunch Punch Wedding Welcome Drinks

2. Watermelon-Cucumber Crush

Watermelon is what everyone craves in summer and cucumber water is already popular for summer refreshment. So, here is the mixture of melon in cucumber water which makes a drink extra refreshing. And also it is best for those who love healthy drinks with good taste.

Watermelon Cucumber Crush Wedding Welcome Drinks

3. Iced Tea

Because most people prefer drinks without milk, iced tea is an excellent companion to a cold coffee. This is an excellent choice for any summer wedding. Lemony-cooled Ice tea with decocted tea, ice cubes, and lemon juice with a sprig of mint is a delightful drink on a hot day.

Iced Tea Wedding Welcome Drinks

4. Cold Coffee With Icecream

Cold coffee is what every guest wants at any summer wedding. This keeps your guests thrilled for a long time! Serve it with the ice cream and to enhance the taste you can add some choco-chip to it. This drink is loved by kids as well.

Cold Coffee with Icecream Wedding Welcome Drinks

5. Flavoured Lassi

The intense summer heat in summer weddings is all making your guests feel out of energy. To excite them and make them vibe again in your wedding add lassi to your wedding welcome drinks. Adding flavored lassi can make your guests crazy over it. If it’s a May or June wedding there is nothing more exciting than a mango lassi for your guests. So, if you have some time before your wedding reception meal, a large glass of lassi will be ideal.

Flavoured Wedding Welcome Drinks

6. Fresh Fruit Juice

On a hot summer day, who doesn’t appreciate a cup full of fresh fruit juice? There’s nothing better than these fruit juices to greet your guests with during your wedding reception.

Fruit Juices Wedding Welcome Drinks

Welcome Drinks For Wedding In Winter

Winter weddings are love and to increase the fun and excitement, add these delightful and lovely wedding welcome drinks to your functions.

1. Winter Lemonade: Mandarin Mint

Want to brighten up the mood of your guest? Add this amazing refreshing winter lemonade to your wedding welcome drinks. This drink will definitely be loved by all your wedding guests. For a more elegant presentation garnish this drink with some mint leaves and orange slices and then serve this with a stylish structured glass.

Winter Lemonade Wedding Welcome Drinks

2. Hot Chocolate Drink

Cold days functions require some really hot and yummy drinks!  Here is the hot chocolate drink which can be delivered at the wedding as a welcome drink to your guests. Serve this hot chocolate in a ceramic cup styled with an antique spoon to give it a royal look.

Hot Chocolate Wedding Welcome Drinks

3. Tandoori Chai

Nothing can beat the excitement of having tea on winter days. Tea is what makes you feel more energetic than anything. Serve this tandoori chai as the wedding welcome drinks and this will be a hit with your guests.

If not tandoori chai then you can just add normal masala chai to your wedding welcome drinks. There will be the same enthusiasm among your guest as chai is something which is loved by most people.

Tandoori Chai Wedding Welcome Drinks

4. Cranberry Fizz

There is no hit like this wonderfully tangy punch. This is the all-time favorite welcome drink of guests. This cranberry fizz can be served with or without liquor. You can also serve this drink at your wedding’s live food station.

Cranberry Fizz Wedding Welcome Drinks

5. Hot Caramel Apple Cider

On a chilly fall day, there’s nothing like a hot beverage to keep you warm. Adding hot caramel apple cider to your wedding welcome drinks can be the best idea. Garnish the top with whipped cream and a caramel topping as this gives it a lovely appearance.

Hot Caramel Apple Cider Wedding Welcome Drinks

6. Hot Coffee

Greet your guests with a warm beverage. To battle the cold, all your guests need is a cup of hot coffee and with this, they can vibe more at your wedding. You can serve hot coffee with the different types of milk froth art.

Hot Coffee Wedding Welcome Drinks

Few Welcome Cocktails Wedding Drink

Wedding these days requires some delicious cocktails and drinks for the guests to vibe in for the functions they attend. Some traditional weddings like Punjabi wedding which is famous for their Punjabi wedding outfits and the drinks they serve at their wedding. Here are the few perfect cocktails which you can choose to serve as the wedding welcome drinks.

1. Spicy Margarita

Let’s turn our favorite Mexican cocktail a little bit spicier. If your guests appreciate cocktails with a kick, this Spicy Margarita drink might just become your guest’s favorite. This beverage is a great mood-booster, whether it’s a hot August wedding day or a wedding in Winter.

Spicy Margarita Wedding Welcome Drinks

2. Aperol Spritz

The spritz, which is low in alcohol and high in refreshing, has been a crowd-pleasing favorite aperitivo for over two centuries. Though it can be created with any amaro or liqueur as a basis, the classic Aperol Spritz is by far the most well-known. This is the most appealing drink your guests will definitely love.

Aperol Spritz Wedding Welcome Drinks

3. Whiskey Smash

This is an old reliable classic and perhaps the most refreshing whiskey cocktail. This whiskey smash is a vintage cocktail with a unique flavor. It’s really a delicious drink and a great initiation to whiskey for rookies. Garnish this drink with a mint spring and add lots of ice cubes to it.

Whiskey Smash Wedding Welcome Drinks

4. Bourbon Iced Tea

Nothing like a tropical bourbon iced tea cocktail to brighten the gaze and lighten the tiredness of your guests at the wedding. With overtones of citrus, mint, and ginger, this lovely, golden beverage is the pinnacle of refreshing and may be paired with a variety of iced teas. This is a very delicious and memorable cocktail one can have.

Bourbon Iced Tea Wedding Welcome Drinks

Few Non Alcoholic Welcome Drinks Wedding

Most people think that without alcohol, there is no fun at parties. But here we have drinks without alcohol that are classic, fun, and appealing at the same time. Non-drinkers will surely go crazy over these mocktails.

1. Pineapple Ginger Sparkler

This wonderful pineapple ginger sparkler drink is a go-to for just about every party. It’s fresh enough for spring and early summer weddings, yet spicy enough for the warm season weddings. Set out a bucket of ice for guests to enjoy this beverage a little more fresh, as desired. Garnish this drink with the mint leaves and then add some pineapple cubes with thin slices of lemon and serve it to your guests to make them feel fresh all the time at your wedding.

Pineapple Ginger Sparkler Wedding Welcome Drinks

2. Frozen Peach Bellini Mocktail

This mocktail is light and refreshing, and it’s ideal for warmer days. Peach fruit lovers will undoubtedly enjoy this drink. Since this drink does not contain alcohol, children can enjoy it as well!

Frozen Peach Bellini Mocktail

3. Basil Lemonade Punch Bellini Mocktail

As the humidity and temperature emerge, having some iced beverages on hand becomes particularly crucial at the wedding. Choose the basil lemonade punch bellini for a light and savory zero-proof drink. There’s nothing wrong with a traditional Bellini, but if you want to get creative, try experimenting with variations on the theme.

Basil Lemonade Punch Bellini Mocktail

4. Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail

Light drinks with fruit flavors are perfect for the welcome drinks at weddings. For those who love non-alcoholic drinks, this pomegranate mojito mocktail is the best suit for them. Garnish this drink with pomegranate seeds with a mint leave and a slice of lemon on the top of the glass and it is ready to serve freshly to your guests.

Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail

So, these are the top 20 appealing wedding welcome drinks one should definitely keep in their wedding functions. These welcome drinks will surely make a highly positive impact on your guests and will definitely excite them to try your reception meal.

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FAQ Related To Wedding Welcome Drinks

Which beverage is the most popular wedding drink?

The most popular wedding welcome drink is Spicy Margarita. If your guests appreciate cocktails with a kick, this Spicy Margarita drink might just become your guest’s favorite. This beverage is a great mood-booster, whether it’s a hot August wedding day or a wedding in Winter.

What are the top drinks at weddings in 2022?

The trending top 5 wedding drinks in 2022 are:

  • Brunch Punch
  • Pomegranate Mojito Mocktail
  • Spicy Margarita
  • Aperol Spritz
  • Cranberry Fizz


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