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Creative Bridesmaid Photo Ideas that are here to Win

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We have already told you how to ask your girls to be your bridesmaid for your special day (see here: bridesmaid proposal ideas). But, the next step is to give you unique bridesmaid photo ideas. Expect to have your mind full of ideas by the time you finish reading. So stay with us.

A photoshoot with your bridesmaids is a time to bond and cherish old memories together. So, forget all the complex poses and focus on just having fun.

Before we get to the bridesmaid photo ideas these are important considerations:

It’s common to meet with your wedding photographer (also see: wedding photography concepts) before the big day arrives, which is a perfect opportunity to give them an idea of what you want! Whether you show them some inspiration from Pinterest or have a fully written out wedding photo list, they’ll appreciate knowing the types of poses, angles, and lighting that you prefer.

So besides the classic group photos of the entire wedding party, you might want to get a little creative. But first,

Decide on the Theme 

A theme can be a color scheme (possibly similar to your theme wedding colors) or something more specific like ‘Hawaiian’, or ‘Hollywood Glam’. Then, the theme can extend through what you and your guests wear to the decorations if hosting the party in a home. So, it is important to consider whether the group wants a full-fledged, long photo session or a bunch of candid photos that capture happy moments. Either way, do not forget to share these photographs on your socials!

Decide on a location

You can use any location that’s memorable to you. Also, you can pick an old street where all you girls played. If you are someone who values sentiments, then, you can pick your classroom at school. But, do not forget to share your ideas with the group before you go ahead.

Decide on Outfits (see here: bridesmaid outfit ideas)

After you have considered the theme, you must pick out the clothes accordingly. If you are a fan of loud outfits and bling, then, select sequin dresses. Then, they can be in different colors. To bring harmony to the photographs, do not forget to match or color coordinate your outfits.

Pick a Trustworthy Photographer

Last but not the least, choose a local photographer who won’t disappoint you. Also, you can ask any one of your friends with a DSLR camera to do the job for you.

So let us show you some of the must-have wedding photos that you’ll want to consider taking with your girls! From getting ready to get down on the dance floor, you might want it all.

Then, here are 15 glamorous bridesmaid photo ideas:

1. Showing off the Ring Bridesmaid Photo Ideas

Get a photo of your ladies checking out that gorgeous bling on your finger! Then, it will be a little over-the-top and cheesy. But you’re bound to catch some real in-the-moment giggles as you all laugh at yourselves. (see here: engagement ring ideas)

show off the ring bridesmaid photo ideas

2. Getting Ready Shots

Are you all doing your hair and makeup with each other? Then, take a picture before all of the wedding action starts. Also, you might want to take photos getting into the gorgeous clothes. These turn out even cuter if you all have matching ones. ( also see: bridesmaid hairstyles for all types of hair length)

getting ready bridesmaid photo ideas


3. The First Look Bridesmaid Photo Ideas

Have your photographer capture the moment when your ‘maids and family see you for the first time in your gown. It’s an unforgettable moment and seeing their reactions is priceless!

first look bridesmaid photo ideas

Bookeventz Wedding Photographers

4. Sneak-Peak at your Feet (also see: bridal shoes for every look)

It’s especially fun if everyone is rocking their style.

sneak peak at feet bridesmaid photo ideas

5. Bridesmaid Photo Ideas with a Mirror

This one is a super creative shot with happy bridesmaids. And, there is the bride’s mirror reflection in the middle!

mirror image bridesmaid photo ideas

6. Love Gesture with Fingers

If you hold up a quirky wedding sign or spell out something like ‘love’, then, it’s fun, creative, and makes for the perfect picture.

spelling love bridesmaid photo ideas

7. Bridesmaid Photo Ideas with the Groom

Most likely, your ‘maids are quite familiar with your groom (or are even his sisters!). So, make sure they get a few fun pictures with him!

with the groom bridesmaid photo ideas

8. Candid Shots

Let your ‘maids have some fun and let loose! Then, have your photographer capture those fun, candid moments. Also, tell them to dance a little bit and see what you get!

candid bridesmaid photo ideas

9. Bridesmaid Photo Ideas- Party Hard

Heading to a bar or party bus in between the ceremony and reception? Then, Grab your girls for a picture on the bar, and cheers to a lifelong friendship!

at a party bridesmaid photo ideas

10. Capture the Scenery

Whether you’re tying the knot in the winter or getting married outdoors, take advantage of what nature has to offer. Then, find cool, unique places to photograph your bridal party.

capture the scenery bridesmaid photo ideas

11. Take a Selfie

You’ll probably be taking a million selfies on your big day. And we love the idea of your photographer taking a photo of you capturing those carefree moments.

take a selfie bridesmaid photo ideas

12. Bridesmaid Photo Ideas Holding Bouquets

If you took the pains to make sure your ‘maids get the perfect bouquets, then don’t forget to get a great picture of them!

holdin bouquets bridesmaid photo ideas

13. Holding Props

If you’re having a photo booth at your reception, then, have your photographer capture some of those moments as well. You’ll love seeing and remembering how much fun your ‘girls had! Also, add some quirky props or paper cutouts to spice it up.

holding props bridesmaid photo ideas

14. Wear Matching Sunglasses- Bridesmaid Photo Ideas

Put on some sunglasses and strike a pose! Also, you can choose trendy frames and ditch the wayfarers with a traditional trapezoidal frame.

sunglasses bridesmaid photo ideas

15. Lift it up

Lift the bride’s dress and spread it out between the bridesmaids. Then, it could look even cuter if you had a lot of bridesmaids!

lifting brides dress bridesmaid photo ideas

Whether they’re your best friends, sisters, cousins, or closest relatives, you specifically chose them to stand by your side on one of the biggest days of your life. Getting those special moments with your bridesmaids captured on camera is going to be something that you will treasure forever. We hope these bridesmaid photo ideas help you get through your photoshoot! Mark your favs and don’t forget to have fun.

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