27 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas For All Wedding Ceremonies!
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27 Bridesmaid Dress Ideas For All Wedding Ceremonies!

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Bridesmaids get ready to look delightful on your friend’s or sister’s special day. Today we bring you inspiration from the wardrobes of the best fashion bloggers. Be it sarees, lehengas, or Indo-western outfits, these outfits will surely make heads turn with utmost elan. Here are the different kinds of bridesmaid dress ideas we will be looking into. 

1. Lehengas for Bridesmaid

2. Saree Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

3. Indo-Western Bridesmaid Outfits

Go through these mind-blowing bridesmaid dress ideas and do tell us which one is your favorite.

1. Red and Fusion Voguish Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

The red color is not just for brides at weddings. Bridesmaids too can rock red lehenga without taking away the spotlight. You can pair a red blouse and red dupatta with a floral lehenga skirt. Komal Pandey left us awestruck with this gorgeous ethnic wear. This printed lehenga by Torani is striking.

2. Blue Lehenga: Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

The blue color is a bridesmaid’s favorite, so try out this blue lehenga. It’s perfect for the wedding, not too shimmery and not too dull. Moreover, this also has a unique shade of blue. The bridesmaids who wanna look fresh can surely take inspiration from this glam lehenga.

bridesmaid dress ideas

3. Lust-Worthy Pink Pastel Lehenga: Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Let’s follow the trend in the full swag with this pastel pink cape lehenga. Golden embroidery on the cape makes it exquisite. This pastel lehenga is flawless for bridesmaids and will look amazing at weddings and even sangeet parties. 

bridesmaid dress ideas

4. Pastel Ombre Lehenga: Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

No bride can say no to pastel lehengas. But, when they come with the added benefit of an ombre finish it becomes even more captivating. This lehenga is a flawless bridesmaid outfit because of the color and subtlety.

bridesmaid dress ideas

5. Pink Cape Top with Blue Skirts

This trendy contemporary silhouette is an ideal outfit for all bridesmaids. If you are thinking to wear a lehenga at the wedding ceremonies, then the lehenga has got to have embroidery and a cape. And, this blue skirt with colorful embroidery gives a fairy tale kind of feel.

bridesmaid dress ideas

6. Subtle Anarkali Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Amidst all the bridesmaid duties, it’s always better to pick a bridesmaid dress that is comfortable and chic. You can wear this for Mehendi and even the Haldi ceremony. You can mix it up totally and go crazy experimenting with styles.   

bridesmaid dress ideas

7. Draped Maroon Saree with Embellished Crop Top

Different drape sarees have been in trend for a while and everyone is trying them out. This Maroon Saree with an embroidered crop top makes everyone fall in love. The color and feel of these bridesmaid dress ideas are striking. 

bridesmaid dress ideas

8. Pastel Peach Saree: Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Sarees always look lovely for bridesmaids, but even more so when they come in a color as mesmerizing as this one. The subtle sleeveless blouse makes this bridesmaid outfit even more charming. The pastel peach color of the saree has a specific charm.

bridesmaid dress ideas

9. Black Dhoti Pants with an Embroidered Crop Top

This black dhoti-style pants and crop top is flawless for a cocktail party. It is just the right amount of quirky, elegant, and glimmering. The sheer cape brings out the best of the pattern and the color. Also, the embroidery and dazzle give the attire a finishing touch.

bridesmaid dress ideas

10. Ruffled Emerald Green Saree: Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

A list of bridesmaid dress ideas cannot be complete without a classic ruffled emerald green saree. The glimmering sleeveless blouse adds shine to the whole outfit. You can have Golden makeup that would make your attire even more beautiful. Wearing a stunning saree can be a really good idea.

bridesmaid dress ideas

11. Yellow Co-ord Set: Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Yellow is an auspicious color and very trendy this wedding season. Every bridesmaid should have at least one co-ord set. Although it is a perfect wedding day outfit for bridesmaids. Pair it with amazing earrings and heels for a breathtaking look.

bridesmaid dress ideas

12. Patterned Silk Jacket Paired With Blue Skirt

Here’s an amazing bridesmaid outfit for you. The patterned silk jacket is unique and very different from the regular bridesmaid dress ideas. The metallic blue crop top and skirt give it a bedazzling look.

bridesmaid dress ideas

13. Trendy Tiered lehenga designs: Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

The beauteous silhouette is wondrously stunning. Isn’t this metallic multi-tiered lehenga perfect for every bridesmaid with an experimental sartorial style? You can be twirling in this gorgeous lehenga.

bridesmaid dress ideas

14. New Age Dhoti Style Drape Saree

This look screams bridesmaid-style goals! The Dhoti drape outfit needs styling as well. To slay like a fashionista bridesmaid round off the look with a choker and matching earrings. These saree trends make you wanna try it immediately. It’s the perfect bridesmaid outfit for any wedding.

bridesmaid dress ideas

15. Indo Western Pants and Blouse with Sheer Cape

Are you one of those bridesmaids who are not into lehengas and gowns? We have the perfect outfit for you. The pink top with a sheer cape looks spectacular with blue pants. Add sunglasses, a choker, and a nice clutch to the outfit. 

bridesmaid dress ideas


16. Sharara Pants with Short Anarakali Kurti

This perfect Anarkali kurta is a classic one and an all-time favorite. The gorgeous and heavy dupatta adds more glamour and class to the attire. Moreover, the matching Kurti and sharara with detailed embroidery and pearls give it a regal finish.

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bridesmaid dress ideas

17. White Chikankari Bridesmaid Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Deepika Padukone’s white chikankari lehenga is an inspiration for all brides. The work on the skirt is remarkable. It will make a strong statement in your Roka ceremony. Besides, it will surely keep you in limelight.

bridesmaid dress ideas

18. Pant-Style Saree Bridesmaid Outfits

If you don’t wanna wear something shiny and gleaming, here is a perfect replacement. Pant sarees are bold and smart and elegant. Furthermore, in this dusty blue color and the printed long-sleeve blouse, the dress is even more irresistible.

bridesmaid dress ideas

19. Velvet Lehenga: Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

Becoming a bridesmaid at the wedding of your very best friend is an experience that is absolutely unforgettable. As a result, you are accountable for anything and everything that is associated with her. Aside from her work, the most important thing for you to concentrate on is the dress that you are going to wear to her wedding. Therefore, this lehnga made of velvet is the perfect choice for a stunning bridesmaid like you. When you wear this particular lehenga that has a sweetheart neck blouse, you should make your hair into a chic bun and accessorize with a long, captivating earring. You are going to turn heads on this occasion if you wear this outfit and flash a beautiful grin.

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Velvet Lehenga: Bridesmaid Dress Ideas

20. Navy Blue Bridesmaid Outfit

At the wedding reception, you should wear this lehenga made of silk material. This lehenga will unquestionably help you to differentiate yourself from everyone else. The bridesmaid will look stunning in this lehenga, which features a navy blue color scheme. At the pre-wedding event, the brides can also wear this particular style of lehenga. It is appropriate for the occasion. Therefore, if you want to make a splash at the wedding, you could wear this one-of-a-kind lehenga, which features intricate embroidery and light mirror work all over it. Complete your look by donning a choker set and a pair of earrings with it.

Navy Blue Bridesmaid Outfit

21. Mirror Work Lehenga: Bridesmaid Outfit

Would you like a glimpse of the royal family during the wedding ceremonies? Then you ought to choose the lehenga with the mirror work without a doubt. Mirror work is a type of work that can make the wearer appear more lovely than they already are. This lehenga, which has a pinkish color to it, is the thing that makes this appearance more endearing. To finish off your look, all you need to do is let your hair down and put on a set of earrings that really stand out.

Mirror Work Lehenga Bridesmaid Outfit

22. Floral Wedding Dress Ideas For Bridesmaid

These days, the floral motif is one that is very fashionable in terms of design. These days, everyone wants some sort of floral pattern on their dress. This is a very lovely and elegant design that may be found in wedding dresses. This is a bridesmaid dress with a simple floral pattern that will make you appear absolutely stunning at the event in question. The flowery print that is on the end section of the lehnga and the style of the blouse, which is quite distinctive, are what make this outfit stand out as something special and lovely. Enhance your overall appearance by adorning it with a choker set and a pair of earrings to go along with it.

Floral Wedding Dress Ideas For Bridesmaid

23. Multicolor Designer Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

It is a highly outmoded fashion trend to wear a lehenga that is only one hue. You can make a statement at the wedding by wearing a wedding dress that features more than one color. This lehenga is truly one of a kind and is likely to attract a lot of attention. This particular style of bridesmaid dress consists of a lehenga, choli, and chunni, all of which are a different hue from one another. This is what gives this dress its endearingly cute appearance. To finish off your look, make sure that the color of the hand jewelry you wear complements the color of the blouse you are wearing.

Multicolor Designer Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

24. Heavy Long Kurta: Wedding Dress Ideas For Bridesmaid

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with a unique outfit at the wedding? Then you should wear a kurta that has heavy work and is long during the wedding ceremony rather than a lehenga. This kurta is just stunning, and it falls all the way to the floor. The stunning appearance of this ensemble can be attributed, in large part, to the color of the kurta. Put the finishing touches on your ensemble by accessorizing with a gorgeous choker set and a pair of earrings that really stand out. You are able to accessorize it with a dupatta if that is anything you would like to do.

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Heavy Long Kurta Wedding Dress Ideas For Bridesmaid

25. Color Co-ordinate Designer Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

Weddings are an important part of life, and they often result in the formation of cherished memories. Therefore, suggest to your group that you all dress similarly in terms of color so that you can stand out among the other people. Make sure that the colors you wear in your outfit match or go well with those of the bride’s outfit. This look will unquestionably cause your group to steal the show at the wedding reception that you are attending. If you want to really stand out at the wedding, have your group put on some chic goggles.

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Color Co-ordinate Designer Bridesmaid Dresses Ideas

26. Scintillation Silver Dress: Bridesmaid Outfit

Do you wish to attend the wedding of your friend in a look that is contemporary and chic? If that’s the case, this scintillation silver dress is the one you should be wearing. This dress features a long front v-neck and an asymmetrical slit. This is a dress that is appropriate for both cocktail parties and bachelor parties. You can wear it to either one. To finish off your entire appearance, all you need to do is let your hair down naturally and accessorize with a set of pearl earrings that dangle.

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Scintillation Silver Dress Bridesmaid Outfit

27. Lehnga With Jacket: Wedding Dress Ideas For Bridesmaid

Are you the kind of bridesmaid who wants to steal the show at the wedding? Then let us tell you that we have the most beautiful outfit for you. This dress is a lehenga, and it comes with a jacket. This lehenga didn’t have a dupatta, but it did have a jacket to make the wearer look even more beautiful. The jacket is made of net print and is covered in embroidery. If you don’t wear any jewelry with this particular ensemble, you’ll find that it goes together rather nicely. On the other hand, if you adore accessorizing with jewelry, you may complement this ensemble with a stunning pair of earrings and a piece of hand jewelry.

Lehnga With Jacket Wedding Dress Ideas For Bridesmaid

As a result, this concludes everything on our end, and we sincerely hope that you like these different bridesmaid dress ideas. Please let us know in the comment section which of these dresses you adore the best and are most likely to choose to wear to the next wedding. In addition, please do not hesitate to propose to us the subject matter that you would like us to discuss in our subsequent post.

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