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Bridal Skincare Routine to make your skin look Fresh before the Wedding

By Sulagna Chakraborty
Blog timeNov 16, 2021

Daily, we tend to hide all the flaws in our skin to look seamless. But, before the wedding here’s what every bride needs to follow as their bridal skincare routine to help them look perfect even without makeup. Truth be told, it’s best to avoid wearing heavy makeup during the day functions. Then, try following these tips.

pre-wedding skincare routine is imperative. And, it can make a huge difference in your bridal look. You deserve to look your best, not just because all eyes will be on you, but because it’s your day.

Then, the day you have been dreaming of all your life, will be perfect. Also, it makes it easier for the makeup artist to put on the right products. But, you will need to take extra care of your skin to achieve that radiance.

But, before we get to the actual routine, here are 4 tips you should follow for a flawless wedding look:

  • Have an Exercise Routine

To get beautiful skin, you will need to put in the extra effort. So, the first thing that you need to incorporate in your life is – an exercise routine. You can indulge in anything from yoga to cycling to swimming. Doing exercise releases stress and help in creating happy hormones, which impact your mood positively. So, exercising will not only help you have brightened skin but also you will end up losing those extra pounds.

  • Drink a Lot of Water

Water is a great cleansing agent. And, it detoxifies the body. Then, it cleanses the system and helps you get clearer skin. So, the best way to have beautiful skin is to drink a lot of water, leading to your wedding.

Unhealthy eating habits can deteriorate your skin badly. And, no amount of cream can help you get rid of that. So, it is important to eat a healthy and nutritious diet leading to your wedding.

Try going on a juice cleanse using kiwi and cucumber. Then, ditch the alcohol and clear your body of a lot of toxins.

Then, without further ado, let’s get you to the bridal skincare routine:

1. Face Cleansing in a Bridal Skincare Routine

If you regularly wear make-up ( see here: celebrity makeup artists clear makeup/ skin queries), then, it’s important you double cleanse every night. First, wash your face with an oil or balm-based cleanser to get off the dirt, grime, and makeup. Next, use a light gel-based cleanser to deep cleanse and prep your skin for everything good to follow. Then, in the mornings, use only a light cleanser or go back to the good old homemade cleansers – bread-milk, turmeric-honey – not only are these immensely nourishing and deeply cleansing, but they also leave you with soft supple glowing skin!

cleanser bridal skincare routine

2. Use a Toner

We often forget how important toner is to maintain the healthy glow and balance of our complexion. Then, use a natural toner like rose water. And, it works great on almost all skin types. So, just sprinkle it on some cotton wool and lightly dab all over your face every time after you cleanse.

toner bridal skincare routine

3. Exfoliation for a Bridal Skincare Routine

Given the levels of pollution around us, we recommend exfoliating your skin at least twice every week to cleanse away all the dead skin cells. And, doing this will help accumulate grime that could clog your pores. Also, gently massage your face using an exfoliant like an apricot or walnut scrub. Or, use your homemade scrubs like a concoction of coconut oil and sugar granules. Then, you’re sure to uncover softer fresher skin every time you scrub away!

exfoliation bridal skincare routine

4. Moisturize

The most important step of any skincare routine is moisturizing. And, it is your secret weapon to infuse your skin with all the hydration it needs to keep glowing. If you have oily skin, then, we suggest going for a non-comedogenic moisturizer – one that doesn’t block your pores. Or, try a light aloe-vera serum instead. But it’s a must to moisturize every single night as that’s when our skin regenerates and revitalizes itself naturally.

moisturizer bridal skincare routine

5. Tea-tree Oiling in a Bridal Skincare Routine

If you have naturally dry skin or dehydrated skin, then this tip is for you. Then, add natural oil to your daily nighttime routine – yes you heard it right –oil. Because that’s what skincare experts all over the world recommend. Then, it takes care of deep-rooted dryness. And, it avoids those fine lines from showing up years before you dread!

 tea tree oiling bridal skincare routine

6. Use a Hydrating Serum

Hydrating serums with hyaluronic acid will help your skin be hydrated. So, carry it around wherever you go and just dab on your face 2 -3 times a day. Also, it provides more nourishment than your moisturizer. And, it works as a great skin refresher.

hydrating serum bridal skincare routine

7. Overnight Masks

If you are doing your wedding planning on the clock and are constantly in and out of the house, then take a shortcut to skincare. Then, layer on an overnight mask to defy time. These masks work even while you sleep and provide extra hydration to your skin. So, you wake up looking and feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

overnight masks bridal skincare routine

8. Dry- Brushing in a Bridal Skincare Routine

Dry-brushing yields major skin benefits, including exfoliation. And, it helps in increased blood circulation which gives a glow! So, from an overall wellness standpoint, it also revs up the flow of lymph, the all-important fluid that whisks toxins out of our systems. Then, follow this every day, faithfully, until your wedding day arrives. And, your skin will show up at its best.

 dry brushing bridal skincare routine

9. Using Sunscreen in a Bridal Skincare Routine

As a busy bride-to-be, you’ve to brave the sun every day. Then, sun exposure causes tan lines, wrinkles, and premature aging. So, we want you to make sure you don’t forget to apply sunscreen. Then, wear one given to you by your bridesmaids. And, one that is suited best for your skin every time you step out. (see here: wedding gift ideas for friends)

sunscreen bridal skincare routine

10. Bridal Skincare Routine for the Hands

Since your mehndi designs and especially your hands will receive a lot of attention, so, you must go for regular manicures. And, don’t forget to use a hand & nail cream regularly, for your engagement ceremony. (see here: engagement ring ideas)

bridal skincare routine for hands

Then, we hope these bridal skincare routine tips will help you as much as we expect them to. Follow carefully as these are tried and tested. And, they work every time!

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