10 Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid
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Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid: 10 Most Common Mistakes

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Are you preparing for a wedding?  Then you must have given a lot of consideration to the various aspects of the wedding, ranging from the meal to the decorations. At this stage, there are a number of different decisions to be made. However, despite the fact that many people have planned it, there are still certain key blunders that everyone does while they are arranging a wedding. As a direct result of this, Bookeventz has compiled a list of the most frequent wedding planning mistakes to avoid. Consider taking a look at this list of typical mistakes to ensure that you do not do any of them.

List Of The Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Take a look at these 10 frequent blunders that you would undoubtedly commit. So, by reviewing the list, you can avoid making these mistakes when planning a wedding.

1. Making Decisions Without Setting A Budget – Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Every couple eagerly anticipates the wedding because it is such a special and memorable occasion. Therefore, take your time when making preparations for a wedding. Now, whether it’s a wedding date or a wedding location, we need to make a decision. Always take the time to sit down and plan out your wedding budget. Because going above the allotted amount of money could cause you to have issues after the wedding. So take out the time and take to your partner about the money you can afford for the wedding planning. This will provide you with a clear indication of everything that you are able to do during the wedding, as well as what things you should avoid doing. This one that is not setting a budget and making decisions is a very common wedding planning mistake to avoid by the couple.

Making Decisions Without Setting A Budget - Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

2. Not Having Any Spare Plans For Extra Guests

Assuming the only number of guests with the RSVP “Yes” is the major wedding planning mistake to avoid. There are going to be a few guests who will immediately make plans and will choose to come to your wedding. Moreover, at that same moment, it is impossible to create any sort of arrangement for them. Therefore, it is better to make preparations in advance for the additional guests and to have some spare lodgings available for them. In order to ensure that there is no confusion at the very end of the event if there are any additional guests who show up.

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3. Not Having Any Backup Plans- Major Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

If you are planning on holding your wedding outside, you should come up with a backup plan in case it rains. Or, if it is the middle of summer, your guests may be feeling exhausted, so you should make sure to provide an air-conditioned hall for them. If you are planning a wedding during the rainy season, it is great if you can provide visitors with umbrellas. If you are planning a wedding during the summer, it is ideal to provide guests with cold beverages.

Not Having Any Backup Plans- Major Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

4. Not Getting A Hair & Makeup Trial – Common Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

On the day of your wedding, it can be rather nerve-wracking if the makeup and hair artist does not do your hair and makeup the way you desired them to be done. Therefore, going through with a trial run a few days before the big day might be a fantastic idea. It will provide you with an idea of how you are going to appear on a special day. You can also ask for a different hairstyle or makeup during the trial if you didn’t like how it was done the first time. On the day of your wedding, it will prevent you from having a miserable day if you have a trial session.

Not Getting A Hair & Makeup Trial - Common Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

5. Trying New Products Before the Big Day

When it comes to your skin, the worst thing you do on your wedding day is experiment with new beauty products. Because putting your skin through the stress of testing new products on the day of your wedding is not a good idea. There are many products that could be harmful to your skin because of their unique characteristics. Try out all of the products at least three months before the big day. So that if any of them cause an adverse reaction, you will have time to seek medical attention and find replacements.

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6. Not Preparing Your Wedding Attire 15 days In Advance.

15 days before the wedding, stitch everything together and get it ready to wear. If you find out on the big day that your wedding attire does not meet the appropriate standards, it might be a nightmare for you. Therefore, it is a fantastic plan to test the wedding clothing prior to the wedding days and to prepare them fifteen days in advance. Therefore, on the day of the wedding, you can avoid making these mistakes by saving yourself. These are the main wedding planning mistakes to avoid by the bride and the groom as well.

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7. Not To Take Any Pre Shoot Before The Wedding

The fact that you hired a photographer but didn’t prepare any shots in advance is the greatest mistake you could have made. You should feel at ease with the photographer as much as possible because you will be the focus of everyone’s attention and all the cameras will be on you. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the shoots and considering participating in one or more practice sessions before the wedding can be a great idea. This will help you visualize how you will look in the photographs and provide you with ideas for postures you can strike during the ceremony.

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Not To Take Any Pre Shoot Before The Wedding - Common Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

8. Not Trying The Catering’s Taste – Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Not testing the food that will be serving at the wedding is a very common wedding planning mistake to avoid by the couple. It is really necessary to give the meal that you are considering serving at your wedding a test run. Therefore, you will have an idea of the types of dishes they are most skilled at preparing, and you will be able to include such dishes on the list. Because the meal is the most critical feature of a wedding, guests will remember your reception based on the cuisine alone. Therefore, it must be incredible.

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9. Not Considering the Interval Between the Ceremony and Reception

The issue of planning a suitable amount of downtime between the ceremony and the reception is an essential one. Always keep an eye out for the time in between the functions because things can get stressful not just for you but also for the visitors. Since immediately following the ceremony, you will need to start getting ready for the reception, there must be some downtime in between the two events.

10. Not Preparing/Forgetting A Thank You Note-  Prime Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

You are required to express gratitude to all of the guests who came to your wedding by saying “thank you.” It is important to remember to prepare a thank-you message in advance so that you won’t stumble over your words when you express your gratitude in front of others. If you compose a thank-you note in advance, you can use this opportunity to practice it before the wedding. If you deliver a speech of gratitude at the end of your wedding reception, all of your guests will surely like it very much. Therefore, you should prevent yourself from making these errors of not preparing thank you note.

Not Preparing Thank You Note Wedding planning mistakes to avoid

Weddings are really important and a dream of many to have a wonderful wedding without any drama or mistakes. To sum everything up, these are the wedding planning mistakes to avoid by the couple during the wedding planning process in order to have a wedding that is unforgettable and full of joy. We hope we got you covered with the most important thing related to your wedding. Please let us know in the comment area if you think the information in this blog is beneficial. Additionally, please recommend the topic you would like us to cover in our upcoming posts.

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